Sage HRMS HR Actions Unlimited Paperless Forms for HR Processes

configurationAre you looking for a way to decrease time spent on routing forms and recording data into Sage HRMS?

  • Do you want a more efficient HR?
  • Are you ready to eliminate paper forms and manual data entry?
  • Do you want to give your HR staff more time for contributing to strategic organizational initiatives?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to take a closer look at Sage HRMS HR Actions.


Sage HRMS HR Actions (HR Actions) provides online forms covering the entire employment lifecycle for Sage HRMS, eliminating the administrative burden of paperwork. Whether forms are initiated by HR staff, an employee, or a manager, HR Actions electronically routes them for approval and saves data directly into Sage HRMS. Over forty forms are included out-of-the-box. You can use and customize them or quickly build your own without any programming experience.

Eliminate manual data entry into Sage HRMS

Once a Sage HRMS HR Actions Administrator completes and reviews a form, data from appropriate fields is electronically updated in Sage HRMS. The form is saved in the electronic personnel file. No manual data entry into Sage HRMS means easier data collection, faster data processing, and no errors.

Create electronic routing slip

You can create an electronic routing slip for each form. Approvers can be combinations of executives, managers in the employee’s chain of command, role based (e.g., Payroll Manager), and HR associates. Emails automatically notify approvers when they have a form to review for approval.

Control form routing in workflow

Through the Sage HRMS HR Actions dashboard, administrators can control the routing a form —stop it, skip an approver, or push it through the routing process.

View completed forms in an online personnel file

Completed forms are viewable online and searchable by several attributes including employee, initiator, and form name. Forms can have up to five file attachments (i.e., PDF, Word, Excel), which are also available for viewing.

Creates detailed change log-data for every form

Approver comments and actions are logged with a date and time stamp. Audit trail changes are made to form field values by approvers or administrators, including the type of change, date of a change, and who made the change.

Extend functionality with Sage HRMS HR Actions Plugins

Plugins provide additional forms and capabilities.

Plugins Available for Sage HRMS HR Actions

  • Basic Online Application for Sage HRMS HR Actions
  • Sage HRMS HR Actions New Hire Interface
  • Sage HRMS HR Actions I-9
  • Sage HRMS HR Actions W-4
  • Sage HRMS HR Actions Dynamic Forms Checklist
  • Test Grading for Sage HRMS HR Actions
  • Voluntary Self-Identification Form CC-305 for Sage HRMS HR Actions
  • Work Opportunity Credit Form 8850 for Sage HRSM HR Actions
  • Position Control for Sage HRMS HR Actions
  • Remote Applicant New Hire Plugin for Sage HRMS HR Actions