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Manually uploading data into your finance and accounting systems puts your business at risk and increases the possibility for discrepancies. While connecting your systems using solutions that require no IT involvement may sound easy, you eventually end up with too many automation solutions requiring IT oversight, which screams cyber risk. As your business moves from automating tasks to automating full business processes, you'll need a platform to bridge the end-to-end flow.

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Leverage Templates

Leverage a multitude of pre-built templates and standard workflows where every trigger has an action.

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Minimal Disruption

Get your solution up and running in no time—with little to no disruption to your day-to-day business.


Improve Experience

Improve user experience by brining tasks and actions used by your team into the tools they already use.

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Interactive Dashboards

Use dashboards to manage connections and gain insight into a workflow's history.

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Streamline Tasks

Streamline repetitive tasks and create paperless processes by eliminating manual extractions and uploads of your data.


Protect Your Data

Safeguard your data using data encryption, data retention, data masking, and role-based access controls.

Our Preferred Solutions:

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