JobOpsIntegrated Job Management for Sage 100


JobOps is designed for companies that make, install and service their products. This integrated Job Management suite for Sage 100 tracks real-time labor, materials, purchases and other costs, while monitoring the status of each job throughout the production process.

More Than Just Job Cost Software

JobOps is more than just manufacturing or job cost software. It is a project management and control tool, engineered to accommodate a wide variety of business models. It combines the features of job costing, bill of materials, and manufacturing systems into one powerful and cohesive system to help you manage resources and expenses.

Seamless Integration With Sage 100

Seamless integration with market-leading Sage 100 means that operations and financial data are combined into a single system, whereas other solutions can require the hassle of managing separate systems and databases.

By tracking the steps and activities in the production process – such as production start dates and due dates, staff assignments, and material requirements – JobOps gives you an easy way to manage resources and track the status of jobs.

Key Features of JobOps

  • Make-to-Order specialty. JobOps was designed specifically for Make-to-Order (MTO) manufacturers with workflow that simplifies inventory management and manufacturing activity reporting.
  • Complete Job Management visibility. JobOps functionality replaces, consolidates, and enhances Sage 100 Work Orders, Job Costing and Reporting into a single solution starting at the point of Product Configuration, Sales Order, or MRP.
  • Scheduling and Planning. Manage your inventory and labor capacity including  workcenters, and machines with an easy-to-use graphical, drag ‘n drop Scheduling tool.
  • Track Labor. Capture real-time labor information on the shop floor for immediate and accurate costing analysis. Don’t worry, Payroll is updated, too eliminating duplicate entry!
  • Field Service & Dispatch. Designed for companies with service contracts to support products post-sale with a graphical dispatch board and Outlook integration for service calls.
  • Web-Enabled. Today’s users are mobile and demand web-based interfaces for Product Management, Labor Reporting, and Job Tracking.

JobOps Modules

The JobOps Time Tracker module can help you assess productivity on an ongoing basis by dynamically tracking actual labor hours and dollars against budgets. The JobOps Scheduling module helps ensure on-time delivery of jobs.

Other Modules Include:

  • Field Service & Dispatch
  • Product Configurator
  • Data Collector
  • Technician Dashboard
  • Purchase Agent

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