Pharmaceutical RKL eSolutions and Sage Intacct Labeled a Success by Pharmaceutic Litho & Label Company

Pharmaceutic Litho & Label Company (PLLC) has produced labels and inserts for the pharmaceutical industry since 1928. After nearly a century of continuous operation and a steadfast commitment to service, the company shows no signs of slowing. In fact, PLLC continues to grow and expand, both organically and through acquisitions. Today’s company is 200 employees strong, with $30 million in annual revenues. Remaining at the top in your industry requires a fast, agile business management solution and a professional partner to support it. PLLC found that combination in Sage Intacct and RKL eSolutions.  

"There is an enormous time savings. It’s time I can spend evaluating and analyzing the numbers instead of just gathering them."

—Lyuba Ross, Controller


Cloud Delivers Tangible Benefits

When the time came to update its older ERP application, PLLC turned to RKL eSolutions Financial, its longtime accounting business partner. “We needed a modern solution that was flexible and easy to use, and that could be integrated with our industry-specific applications,” explains Lyuba Ross, Controller for PLLC. “We have worked with RKL eSolutions for years, and trust them with our business, so working with their technology division just made sense. When they recommended Sage Intacct – we listened.”

Ross says the fact that Sage Intacct is a cloud-based ERP had instant appeal to the company. “We have an executive team that is always traveling. They can easily login to Sage Intacct from anywhere and get the information they need. And I am able to access the system from home or the road when I need to.”

Efficiencies Deliver Significant Time Savings

In the old software, inflexible workflows stretched month-end closing to an average of 12 days. With Sage Intacct, Ross reports that they’ve cut that down to just five or six days – more than a week faster than before. 

PLLC is also able to get much more timely data than before. Previously Ross and her team had to wait until the monthly closing process was complete to perform specific comparisons and analyses. “With Sage Intacct, we can get that information at any time throughout the month,” says Ross. “It allows us to be proactive in our decision making.”

 Financial reporting has also received a boost under Sage Intacct. Using account dimensions, Ross can perform nearly instant analyses of virtually every aspect of the company’s operations. “We can now look at data in ways that weren’t possible before,” she says. “In our old system it was very difficult to customize reports. With Sage Intacct, we can easily add or remove columns and rows and use dimensions to see data from many different angles.”

Operational efficiencies have increased thanks to the workflow processes that are part of Sage Intacct. Previously even seemingly simple tasks such as entering a new invoice were complicated and cumbersome. With Sage Intacct, PLLC can automate its unique document workflows, saving time, reducing training, and increasing overall efficiency.

Integration Streamlines Workflow

CERM is the sophisticated printing application PLLC uses in its operations. It was imperative that any new financial and reporting software the company implemented be able to interface with CERM. RKL eSolutions worked directly with the technical team at CERM to build the interface. Now, data is sent from CERM into Sage Intacct daily, creating vendor invoices in Sage Intacct. “It’s all automated,” explains Ross. “The file is scanned for errors and imported into Sage Intacct without any manual entry.”

Value of a Trusted Business Partner

Even with an intuitive, user-friendly ERP application working for it, PLLC understands the added value that a trusted business partner brings to the solution. “RKL eSolutions is very capable. They understand the product thoroughly, and bring a highly structured approach that ensures nothing gets missed,” concludes Ross. “It’s clear to me that their priority is solving business problems, not selling software.”

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