AvalaraSales Tax Automation Software for Sage ERP


Agile, successful companies focus on their core business and outsource complex, administrative functions – such as payroll and sales tax management – to the experts.

RKL eSolutions, in partnership with Avalara, can address your sales tax challenges with AvaTax. This cloud-based service is the fastest, easiest, most accurate and affordable way to:

  • Calculate sales and use tax
  • Manage exemption certificates
  • File sales tax returns
  • Remit sales tax payments across North America and beyond

Watch this short video and see how AvaTax works:



Integration With Sage ERP

AvaTax features seamless integration with your Sage Software ERP system, as well as e-Commerce and retail Point-of-sale (POS) systems.

As a SaaS solution, it plugs right into your Sage ERP software – performing address validation, jurisdictional research, and up-to-date rate calculations – while you continue to use the same order entry and customer screens that you’re already familiar with.

It all happens ‘behind the scenes’ with no change to your existing workflow.

And since AvaTax is a cloud-based web service, it takes just minutes to download and install. No hardware, no complicated implementation, and no hassle.

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