Sage Formulator Connector for Sage X3Integrate Your Lab with Accounting & Production

Customers today expect immediate resolution to product change requests that impact everything from formulation properties and costing to packaging and safe handling instructions. Lab technicians need a simple-to-use tool for rapid R&D, improvement, and modification of formulas across all process manufacturing environments including Chemicals, Nutrients, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals.

Formulating the Solution

Formulator provides a solution tailored to formulating chemists, food technologists, and lab technicians managing regulatory and compliance data.  It delivers standard templates specific to industry transactional and compliance requirements for rapid deployment. Formulator automates the creation of items, formulas, costing, testing, labeling, and performance details across the lab.

Integrating with Sage X3

RKL eSolutions developed the Formulator Connector to integrate Formulator with Sage X3. Using standard Sage X3 utilities along with WebServices, the integration supports the import of items and formulas into Sage X3 for production reporting and quality analysis. Connectivity allows your Chemists to work and play in Formulator separately from your accounting and production environment until formulations are approved for processing.




Integration Highlights

  • Import raw materials, formulas, bill of materials and packaging definitions
  • Review and edit imported records
  • Create item and product IDs
  • Synchronize costing and quality data
  • Schedule the import and publication of data into Sage X3 tables
  • Developed and managed using industry-standard WebServices utilities

Compliance and Efficiency

Together, Formulator and Sage X3 provide a solution to meet today’s challenging FDA and SDS regulatory compliance requirements.  Our Formulator Connector eliminates the need for manual and duplicate data entry saving your team time and money so you can focus on your products and customers.

Learn More About The Formulator Connector Formulation Solution for the Lab
A deeper dive into the value of connecting R&D and quality control in the lab with accounting, distribution, and production for a fast, efficient, and integrated system.


How the Integration Works: The Technical Details
A technical look at how the development team at RKL leveraged Sage X3 WebServices to build the powerful integration with Formulator.

Download the Brochure
More info and details about how the Formulator Connector works.

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