LabelCalc FDA-Approved Nutrition Labels

If you're a Food and Beverage Manufacturer, then you know the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is strict with their compliance standards.  Using FDA-approved labels also ensures that your products comply with federal regulations, reducing the risk of recalls. Standardized nutrition labels also help consumers compare products and assess ingredients. With consumers becoming more health-conscious, it's important your labels provide accurate information about the nutritional content of your products.

We've partnered with LabelCalc and recommend using their intuitive nutrition and labeling software to all of our Food and Beverage clients. LabelCalc, designed and tested by food scientists,  creates accurate and compliant nutrition labels for your food products. Their all-in-one platform allows your team to easily generate nutritional labels that comply with USDA and FDA Label Requirements at the click of a button. LabelCalc's food labeling software operates as a stand-alone solution or integrated with your existing ERP .


LabelCalc Key Features:

cloud (3)

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Having LabelCalc as an online platform allows your users to access their profile on any device on their preferred browser.


Keep Homemade Ingredients Secret

Along with access to generic and branded ingredient databases, you can add your own ingredients and recipes into your personal account for your eyes only!

serving size

Serving Size Assistant

With the help of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) tool which is integrated within the app, determining the correct serving size and nutritional values are seamless.

LabelCalc vs. Other Competitors

LabelCalc vs. Other Competitors including ReciPal, Food Label Maker, Esha, Nutritics

How to Use LabelCalc's Ingredient Search

How to Use LabelCalc's Serving Size Tool

For more information about product details or to see how LabelCalc works with your Sage X3 ERP system, contact us and we'll follow up with the information you're looking for.
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