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Is your business struggling with limitations of Sage 300? Do challenges like poor visibility into real-time data, too much paper, over-reliance upon Excel, hardware compatibility, and limited integration with other applications make you wonder if it’s time for a more modern and flexible solution?


You’ve come to the right place. As a long-time Sage 300 partner and a premier Sage Intacct partner, RKL is uniquely capable to answer your questions, provide perspective, and help you consider your move to the cloud.

What does Intacct have that you don't?

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This side-by-side grid-style comparison will help you determine, at a glance, whether Intacct delivers the capabilities your business needs most.

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What to expect when migrating your ERP data

While the scope of every migration project is different, the preparation for migrating data follows the basic process outlined in this post.



RKL’s Data Tools for Migrating from Sage Products

RKL help you with a defined process, user-friendly data templates, and loads of experience to make a difficult task a bit easier.


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Read more detailed explanations of each of these points on our blog

In summary, Sage Intacct enables your accounting, finance, and IT teams to do their best work and be a more strategic resource for the entire organization. If you and your team are struggling with poor reporting, manual processes, and limited integration, contact us today to schedule an introductory phone call.

Sage 300 to Sage Intacct Migration FAQs

Is switching to the cloud right for my company?


Is switching to the cloud right for my company?

Only you can make the best decision for your company's unique needs; however, if one of more of the following is true of your organization, you should start investigating your options:

  • You anticipate rapid growth in the next 12-18 months
  • You support multiple entities or locations
  • You rely on spreadsheets for reporting and analytics
  • You use multiple disconnected software solutions

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How does Sage Intacct compare to Sage 300?

compare (1)

How does Sage Intacct compare to Sage 300?

In addition to the Sage 300 features you use now, Sage Intacct offers:

  • Deeper insight with multi-dimensional dashboards and reports
  • Automated multi-entity management
  • Advanced financial management features
  • Pre-configured integrations with other best-in-class applications 
  • Web-based access from any device

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Has RKL migrated Sage 300 clients to Sage Intacct?


Has RKL migrated Sage 300 clients to Sage Intacct?

Yes! As part of our "Partner for Life" mentality, it's our responsibility to keep our clients up-to-date with the best software solution for their business needs. As a result we've performed many migrations within the Sage family.

We invite you to read the stories of several RKL customers who have successfully transitioned to Sage Intacct. 

What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?


What are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

By moving to the cloud organizations are able to:

  • Reduce the burden on internal IT, allowing them to shift from configuring equipment to powering the business
  • Free up resources to pursue higher value-added activities
  • Give employees access to real-time data from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Ensure that process continue running seamlessly through unforeseen events that prevent in-office work

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How could Sage Intacct Benefit my Company?


How could Sage Intacct Benefit my Company?

Our clients have experienced significant ROI in three areas:

  1. Improved reporting and visibility
  2. Time savings as a result of automated business processes
  3. Streamlined integration, guaranteed not to break with platform updates

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What does the transition look like?


What does the transition look like?

Not as fun as a trip to Disneyland, but way better than a root canal...

Seriously, through years of experience we've developed a proven project methodology including assistance with required data migration, training, and configuration, in order to successfully lead your team through the transition.

Are there risks to cloud-based software?


Are there risks to cloud-based software?

IT managers are instinctively cautious and may believe that giving control of servers and critical applications to a cloud provider is risky.

Commonly voiced concerns about the cloud include: 

  • Inhibited Security
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Outage Risk
  • Meeting Compliance Needs

Read the paper linked below to learn how Sage Intacct has addressed these and other common cloud-concerns. 

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How much does Sage Intacct Cost?

Price cost

How much does Sage Intacct Cost?

Since each implementation is tailored to the specific business needs of our clients, it's impossible to give a blanket price. To help give an idea of cost, we've written a three-part blog series that details how prices are calculated along with an example case.

» Software Subscription Cost

» Implementation Cost

» Soft Costs


For migrations within the Sage family we offer a fixed-fee, “satisfaction guaranteed” implementation.

How does the Sage 300 data migration process work?


How does the Sage 300 data migration process work?

While there’s no “easy” button, RKL’s experience really helps. We’ve done this many times before and have it down to a science! Read What to Expect When Migrating Your Data and let us know if you have further questions.

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