VMware Support Journey to the Cloud With RKL eSolutions

Purchasing computer equipment can be a daunting task.  The options are sometimes difficult to understand and the cost vs. value of what you’re getting can therefore be uncertain.  The most expensive part of a computer is the processor. Most fileservers spend most of their time doing nothing, though the dollar expenditure is not wasted – rather, it’s not being fully realized.


VMware allows a single fileserver to host multiple “virtual servers” thus getting more bang for your investment buck. Virtualization allows for the possibility of live-failover and improved server to server communications while ensuring that your servers have the resources they need when they’re needed.

As a VMware Certified Professional, we leverage the solid VMware virtualization platform to help you take advantage of all that cloud computing has to offer – efficiency, agility, and reduced IT costs.

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vfabric suite— Cloud Application

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, vFabric is the best platform to build, run, and mange customer applications. Optimized for the open source Spring Framework, vFabric provides a clear pathway to the cloud for your custom applications.

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Desktop and end-user computing

To accelerate application deployment, extend the life of legacy applications, or simplify Operation System migration, VMware ThinApp and VMware View provide fantastic tools for desktop and application management.

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Our Support Specialists Are Able To:

Engineer and specify equipment appropriate for your business needs, procure and configure equipment, generate and configure virtual servers, networks, and software, provide ongoing support and backup integrity, and troubleshoot issues.

RKL eSolutions: Your VMware Certified Partner

RKL eSolutions has the knowledge, skills and resources to give you the maximum value for your investment dollar and will help you if you are considering expanding your infrastructure or simply want to ensure the best value for the money you’ve already spent.

RKL eSolutions is committed to providing high-quality client service and responsiveness to client needs.

Contact us for a Free Trial of VMware or to speak with a VMware expert at RKL eSolutions.

VMware vCloud Suite

An integrated cloud application platform that combines all the elements needed to build a complete virtual environment including servers, storage, networking, and security. Components include:

  • vSphere
  • vCloud Director and vCloud Connector
  • vCloud Networking and Security
  • vCenter Site Recovery Manager
  • vCenter Operations Management Suite
  • vFabric Applications Director for Provisioning
  • vCloud Automation Center
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