Sage X3 Manufacturing Project Management (MPM) Solution Enhanced Project Management

What is MPM software?

Manufacturing Project Management software is use to optimize manufacturing process by tracking and analyzing production cycle time, machine downtime, and quality metrics. It's the perfect fit for manufacturers who customize equipment using standard parts or configured using standard parts and manufacturers of “specific” equipment (design to production).

Designed to provide enhanced project management features to Sage X3 core project functionality, Sage X3’s MPM module aims to fit the needs of industrial companies that design, manufacture, and execute products in a project mode.


What are the benefits of MPM Software?

With MPM software, manufacturers are able to define, budget and track project activities (such as time and/or materials) and revenue at the line-level.

Benefits are directly associated with improved ability to monitor and manage project activities, related costs and identify challenges.



Sage X3's Project Management for Manufacturing allows you to monitor and manage your projects from quotation to production (budgets, commitments, expenses, invoices).



Sage X3 MPM software allows companies to control and monitor any variances found between the original budget, committed costs, and executed costs during the life of a project.



Sage X3 Project Management allows manufacturers to identify overstocking and activity time which eliminates potential waste and anticipate the outcome of a project.

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