Business Intelligence Reporting A Better View of Your Business

Do you spend more time digging through spreadsheets and gathering data than you do analyzing and improving your business?

Do you often discover critical operational issues after it’s too late to take action?

Do you spend WAY too much time pulling month end reports together?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need to take a closer look at Business Intelligence Reporting.

In short, Business Intelligence provides tools that transform loads of raw data into meaningful insight. The visual graphs, charts, and tables help you interpret the numbers in a way that’s difficult to achieve with standard reporting.

Below are two very popular business intelligence reporting applications that work hand-in-hand with Sage 100, Sage 500, and Sage X3.

Sage Enterprise Reporting

Sage Intelligence Reporting is an Excel-based reporting tool that pulls data from across your entire Sage ERP system (any module) into a single location so you can slice, dice, and analyze the numbers in a familiar spreadsheet environment.

Visual Dashboards – make it easy to identify and analyze things like high volume products, top performing salespeople, and trend lines.

Report Designer – creating and customizing your reports is a breeze with tools like drag-and-drop layouts, wizard-driven layouts, or a special task pane in Excel.

Report Distribution – fully unattended scheduling and report delivery to a file, ftp site, or email address.


Customers on a current business care plan receive one FREE Report Manager User License to test Sage Intelligence Reporting using your own live data. Download the Sage X3 Intelligence FAQ below.

Sage Enterprise Management Intelligence FAQ

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

For more advanced reporting, Sage “Enterprise” Intelligence is an innovative self-service (No IT required) analysis and reporting tool that’s engineered for ease of use. Featuring a web-based interface that’s easy to learn and quick to deploy, you can access reports on-the-go by using any web browser or mobile device.

More than a basic BI reporting tool, Sage Enterprise Intelligence delivers advanced features and business logic that can easily support processes like budgeting and forecasting.

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