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Did you Know? SEI no longer sends emails for jobs in Scheduler.

**This article is targeted for IT administrator or power users who has access to the Administration section of SEI, as well as, the server where it is installed.**

Did you know that there has been a recent update to Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI)? One of the notable changes is that SEI no longer sends emails for jobs scheduled in SEI's Scheduler. This means that as an IT administrator or power user who has access to the Administration section of SEI and the server where it is installed, you will need to be aware of this change.

To address this issue, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into the server where SEI is installed.
  2. Open the Services menu.
  3. Locate and restart the BIservice. By restarting the BIservice, you will ensure that SEI is functioning smoothly and that any scheduled jobs are executed properly.

    BIservice restart
  4. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) manager

  5. Expand the server if needed

  6. Expand Sites
  7. Right-click on Scheduler. SEI and select Refresh

    Locating Scheduler.SEI
  8. Select Applications
  9. In the center pane, right-click on Scheduler.SEI and select Refresh

    Refresh Scheduler.SEI
  10. Log into SEI

  11. Open the Administration section
  12. Select Scheduler
  13. Edit one of the jobs
  14. Save

Repeat for each job where the Next Run Time isn’t correct. Manually run one job to ensure issue is resolved.

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your organization benefits from the full capabilities of SEI by staying informed and taking action when needed.

Kyle Berthiaume

Written by Kyle Berthiaume

Kyle started his ERP career by spending twelve years at Sage as an analyst and later a mentor. Kyle started at RKL eSolutions in June 2018 and specializes in SEI and Technical issues for X3. He is a Certified Sage X3 Developer.