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How to Leverage Reports in Sage Intelligence

Sage Business Intelligence provides a wide range of benefits for companies beyond just financial reporting. It can be used across various modules within Sage 100 to streamline processes and improve decision-making. Sage Intelligence offers a variety of free reports on their website, which are particularly useful for Accounting and Procurement teams with gaining insights into key data points and making informed decisions.

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of utilizing Purchase Order Reports, Purchase Order Receipt Reports, Purchase Order Receipt Not Invoiced Reports, and the Purchases Dashboard, and discover when they can be most useful for your company.

Purchase Order Report

The Purchase Orders Report provides an overview of all purchase order information within a specified date range, complete with bar graphs and pie charts that quickly display purchase orders by Division, Vendor, and Product Line.

Purchase Order Report (6)

Sage Intelligence Purchase Orders Dashboard (7)
**Note:  Before you rely on this report, you should test to verify that it works with your company data.


Purchase Order Receipt Report

The Purchase Order Receipt Report is used for a selected transaction date range displaying information such as Item, Quantity, and Amount Received (which can include invoice numbers when available). It also includes an invoice summary that provides a quick view of the orders that have been invoiced and have not been invoiced. You can either use the standard template or customize this report for your own reporting needs.

In order to gather specific data, you can filter the data by Receipt Type, Order Type, Product Line, Division, or Warehouse. This report also provides a view of which items have been received for your selected date range.

Sage Business Intelligence Purchase Order Receipt Report Example

**Note:  Before you rely on this report, you should test to verify that it works with your company data.


Purchase Order Receipt Not Invoiced Report

The PO Receipt Not Invoiced Report is used to see the received purchase orders for a specific financial period where Accounts Payable (AP) invoices are still outstanding. This report is designed to assist with AP Accruals value per period for the current financial year and aid in reconciling the General Ledger (GL) Purchase Clearing Account. It's used to provide valuable insights into outstanding purchase orders.

Purchase Order Receipt Not Invoice Example


Purchases Dashboard

The Purchases Dashboard provides an overview of your company's Top Vendors Cities, Product Lines, and Vendor Suppliers, along with Trend Analysis. Additionally, the PV Purchases Dashboard displays Purchases by Year, Purchases by Vendor, and Product Line.

Purchases Dashboard (4)

Although we only mentioned Sage 100, Sage Business Intelligence can also be use with your Sage X3 and Sage 500 ERP software.


Tina Leonard

Written by Tina Leonard

Tina Leonard (Meacham) is an ERP Senior Solution Architect with RKL eSolutions, LLC working exclusively with the Sage 100 ERP product. Her background includes managing distribution and accounting for manufacturing based companies. When not working, Tina enjoys camping, kayaking, and spending time with family and friends.