Sage X3 Process Manufacturing

Managing ingredients, formulas, and chemicals is no easy task. That’s why Sage developed Sage X3 Manufacturing Software suite – to help process manufacturers automate workflows, improve efficiency, and drive productivity.

Designed to meet the specific demands that process manufacturers face everyday, Sage X3 will help improve your business processes, while ensuring quality, safety, and legal compliance.

Sage X3 for Process Manufacturers

Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing brings research, development, and production closer together to help you design new products and get them to market faster. With its advanced planning and control capabilities, Sage X3 uses real time and historical information to help you manage inventory levels, reduce costs, and minimize waste.

Sage X3 Manufacturing Software comes packed with features designed specifically for process manufacturing including:

  • Formula management
  • Lot control and tracking
  • Quality management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Batch/continuous processing

Sage  X3 gives you full visibility into your manufacturing processes and allows you to track changes to new products and monitor overall development costs. Every step is automated – from purchase request through receipt to manufacturing and delivery – which results in a powerful and easy to use system.




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