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14 Days of Sage ERP X3 – Day 9 of 14 – How to Add a Custom Report in Sage ERP X3

Most times clients do not use the AP Check format that is delivered with Sage ERP X3. So for this example I am going to be creating a custom version of AP Checks. We will be starting with the base format and just making a copy of it to use instead of starting from scratch.

  1. Go to Development -> Processes -> Reports
  2. Pull up an existing report code (e.g. XBCHECKS)
  3. Add a "Z" in front of the report code to indicate it is a customer changed report
  4. Change the Crystal Report Name to reference ZXBCHECKS

  5. Click on the Parameters tab and change any references to the old report name

  6. Click the Create button to save the new report code
  7. Go to Parameters -> Destinations -> Print Codes
  8. Sort the list by Print Code and check through the list to see if the report you are copying exists
  9. If the report exists, insert a new line in the grid referencing the new print code

  10. Click Save to save your changes for the new report
  11. Go to Parameters -> Destinations -> Default Values
  12. Search through the list on Report Code for the existing report
  13. Pull up the entry for the existing report
  14. Select the contents of the grid and copy/paste them into Excel
  15. Add a "Z" in front of the reports field to reference the newly created report
  16. Add the default values by copying and pasting from Excel into the grid (each field individually)

  17. Once the parameter defaults match, click the Create button
  18. In windows explorer, make a copy of the existing crystal report file and rename it with a Z in front


  19. To have a report specific to an individual folder, create it in PILOT or PROD respectively. Otherwise the individual folders use the report from the X3 reference folder.


  20. In X3, go to Reports -> Reports and select the newly created report code, enter the parameters and click the Print button to run the new report

  21. Make any needed changes in Crystal Designer to the Z form.



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Joe Noll

Written by Joe Noll

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