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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Sage 500 ERP 2014

With the release of Sage 500 ERP 2014, your ERP software got a nice boost from new features and overall system enhancements. If you haven't had a chance to take a closer look, we've summarized what we think are the top 5 reasons to consider an upgrade to 2014.

1. Reverse Payments in A/P

In previous versions, reversing a payment or memo was a time-consuming and multi-step process. But with the 2014 release, Sage 500 ERP introduces Reverse Applications which simplifies and reduces the steps to reverse payments, memos, or finance charges applied incorrectly or to the wrong invoice.

2. Payment Processing by EFT

Sage 500 ERP now provides you with the speed, convenience, and benefits of electronic funds transfer (EFT). Leveraging the Sage Payment Solutions network, you can process cash receipts as well as business-to-business and e-commerce payments electronically. When compared to the old-fashioned way of sending an invoice and waiting for a paper check, EFT is faster, reduces days-sales-outstanding, and eliminates the processing costs of handling paper documents and checks.

3. Better Inventory Management

Sage Inventory Advisor will change the way you manage inventory. This new cloud-based service for Sage 500 ERP continuously monitors and analyzes your local Sage ERP inventory data to provide improved forecasting and optimal replenishment recommendations. Sage Inventory Advisor helps you reduce excess inventory and lower carrying costs while eliminating stock-outs.

4. Sales Order and Shipping Improvements

With Sage 500 ERP 2014, sales order and shipping numbers are now visible and accessible in the screens, tasks, and documents you’d expect to find them most. That means your staff has quick and easy access to the information they need without interrupting their normal workflow or having to print additional reports and launch extra screens.

5. Expanded Email Fields

Thanks to suggestions from customers like you, the Expanded Email Field in Sage 500 ERP 2014 complies with the industry-standard of 255 characters. This accommodates much longer email addresses than the previous 40-character limit. It also prevents you from having to track customer email addresses outside the system which can result in errors.

Ready to Upgrade?

Contact us if you need assistance or if you have any questions about upgrading from your current version to Sage 500 ERP 2014.

Or click below to request a copy of the 42-page customer upgrade guide.

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Sage 500 Upgrade GuideUPGRADE GUIDE: SAGE 500 ERP 2014

Download a copy of the Sage 500 ERP 2014 Customer Upgrade Guide with detailed information about enhancements and upgrade preparations.

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Gia Lane

Written by Gia Lane

Gia is the Regional Sales Manager at RKL eSolutions LLC for the Greater Boston Area.

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