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Entertainment Companies Benefit from Dimensions in Sage Intacct


Struggling to monitor and grow your business with a single QuickBooks “Class” dimension?

Sage Intacct supports an unlimited number of dimensions that can be tailored to fit each company’s exact needs.  Sage Intacct’s dimensions gives film accounting users the ability to track and report on financial and operational data while simplifying the chart of accounts. For example, with the project dimension, entertainment companies can easily tag and track revenue and expenses by title or episode without requiring the use of a dedicated project accounting module.

Sage Intacct Entertainment Dimensions

Sage Intacct allows users to “tag” transactions and operational data with all relevant dimension values. Tagging transactions with appropriate dimension values, instead of coding transactions to long, complex GL account strings, enables users to quickly and easily add essential business context all of your accounting data. Once a dimension is created, it can be attached to any transaction—general ledger, receivables, payables, time, revenue management, fixed assets, and more. And as your business grows or changes, you can easily add extra dimensions to track additional details.

With Sage Intacct, LegendaryEntertainment was able to tag each financial transaction with key dimensions: customer, series, episodes, and more. Giving them the flexibility to report and analyze performance for 12 unique data dimensions. Not only did Legendary get improved visibility into financial performance of films, shows, seasons, episodes, etc. they recognized a $100,000/year savings from a reduction in manual activities and reduced headcount. Read Legendary Entertainment Success Story

Dimensions are integrated into the user interface of Sage Intacct’s financial report writer

Sage Intacct dimensions allow you to filter transactions by multiple factors (e.g., revenue by film title by download method), so you can determine where you are making money versus losing money. Sage Intacct has the ability to get you requested metrics in seconds, and avoid the hassle of transferring data to spreadsheets for manual manipulation. 

Sage Intacct Entertainment Dashboard

Dimensions allow you to slice and dice your financials to create more focused analysis. With multi-dimension tags you can capture more granular operational and financial data tailored to your business.

By applying dimensions you can analyze your business in ways not possible with a simple accounting solution. Use dimensions to tell the story of your transactions.



RKL eSolutions and Sage Intacct Play Leading Roles at Legendary Entertainment

>> Download the Legendary Entertainment Success Story

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