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7 Steps to Transparency for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

How to automate tracking and simplify transparency

Both customers and regulators want food and beverage manufacturers to track ingredients and batches across the supply chain—as well as production. RKL eSolutions has created an infographic that demonstrates what it takes for food and beverage manufacturers to feel confident with your systems from transparency to compliance reporting.


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Then take a look at our blog series that drills into each of the 7 steps in the infographic above including:

  1. Managing Expiration Dates
  2. Tracing Ingredients Forward and Backward
  3. Tracking Allergen Info Across Production
  4. Tracking Lots Across the Product Lifecycle
  5. Tips for Real-Time Production Control
  6. How to Ready Yourself for a Recall
  7. How to Simplify FSMA Compliance

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Danica Weappa

Written by Danica Weappa