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How to Setup Pop up Informational Message or Notes during Data Entry for Specific Customers in Sage X3 ERP Version 12

During data entry users may need to be informed of specific rules or notes pertaining to the customer on the order.

Sage X3 allows you to setup customer specific informational messages that will display during data entry by following these setup instructions:

  1. Go to Common Data > BPs > Customers
  2. Scroll to the ‘Management’ section
  3. In the ‘Notes’ section click on the Customer notes icon


Use the Notes function to:

  • Create a Note Code to identify this note
  • Select or create a new Note Category. The Category determines in which function the note will be available for inquiry or displayed.
  • You can create a note with an Effective start and end date
  • Check the ‘Auto display’ check box if you would like the note to be displayed automatically during data entry.
  • Select the ‘Priority’ check box to assign the note as a priority.
    When several notes are set as priority notes, the first notes displayed are the valid priority ones, followed by the other valid notes which are not set as a priority.



During data entry a message will popup once the customer is entered on the order



LeeAnn Segan

Written by LeeAnn Segan

LeeAnn Segan is an ERP Support Specialist with RKL eSolutions LLP. She supports Sage 500 ERP and Sage X3. LeeAnn specializes in the financial and distribution modules. Her background includes managing distribution and warehousing for ecommerce based companies. When not working, LeeAnn enjoys working out, volunteering with groups that support special needs, and spending time at the beach with family and friends.