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Alert! Calls from Sage Renewal Impostor

Beware of suspicious calls from Sage impostors 

By now, most people are aware of phishing scams and how to recognize suspicious emails from unknown senders or emails that contain strange hyperlinks. But what happens when the impostor calls you directly acting as Sage or RKL eSolutions saying your credit card won't go through? 

Recently an RKL eSolutions client got a call by a gentleman named John Rogers from Sage stating the credit card on file is not going through for the renewal of Sage 100 that is up for renewal today. The phone number to reach him at is (800) 986-9451 Ext. 407. Not only did John call once he called twice! 

  1. The first indication that this was not a legit Sage employee was that his phone number is not a valid Sage number.
  2. Also consider the date of your renewal. In this example their renewal isn't up until December.
  3. Another indicator that this may not be real is if they give an international phone number. RKL eSolutions only operates with offices and team members in the continental US.

If you’ve been a victim of this call scam or suspect that others in your organization have been, please follow these simple instructions.

  • Notify your team. Alert your IT team and AP staff to be aware of suspicious calls.
  • If you ever have questions about the authenticity of the call,  please contact either Sage or RKL directly to confirm. You should NEVER provide a credit card over the phone unless you initiate that call to a Sage rep and/or use our secure online payment.

The tips above were documented to help you identify the bogus data along with inconsistencies and to avoid falling victim to malicious attempts to access your information. Read our post about Phishing Emails.

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Walt Goodfield

Written by Walt Goodfield

Walt is based in Cleveland, OH and has been selling, implementing, and supporting ERP software for over 20 years. Currently, he is the Chief Business Officer at RKL eSolutions, driving revenue growth through customer acquisition and strategic business partner alliances.

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