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Sage Intacct Financial Dashboards for Entertainment Companies

 For entertainment executives, financial dashboards are like the synopsis of the movie script – hitting on all the important plot features, moments, or elements in a screenplay.

The Sage Intacct CFO dashboard gives entertainment executives critical views of how the company is performing. Examples include:

  • Continuous roll-up functionality
  • Ability to view a variety of charts at once
  • Cash flow detail by entity
  • Revenue trend by region
  • Salary and wages by department
  • Royalty expenses
  • Current Cash balances
  • And more!

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Sage Intacct CFO Dashboard

Sage Intacct gives users the ability to drill down into dashboard details to further explore data by dimension. Dimensions can be used to track a limitless variety of organization or industry-specific information such as, seasonal content costs, or performance by genres. Within each dashboard, users can view things like cash flow by entity, departmental spending, and then drill into the details (see below). Each highlighted line item can be clicked for a detailed breakout.Sage Intacct Salary and Wages

Sage Intacct Cash Flow Statement

Just as a plot is a sequence of events that tell a story, Sage Intacct’s financial reporting and dashboards tells the story of a company in real time.

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