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Problems Managing Raw Materials?

Closely Manage Expiry DatesManage Expiration Dates

There are many reasons food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers should want to be transparent. Not only are there increasing requirements from regulators but consumers are demanding to know more about where their food comes from and how it’s processed.

The ability to closely manage expiration dates and best before dates for raw materials and final goods through all steps of production is not only important to the freshness of the product but also financially so that items aren’t left rotting on the shelf. Access to real-time data such as a report of obsolete stock (shown below) gives managers the insight you need should you have to react quickly to an issue or rotate inventory.

 Sage X3 Obsolete Stock

Most food ingredients have a limited shelf life; an ERP solution with integrated inventory management allows manufacturers and producers to keep tighter expiration management and track with demand while reducing potential waste. As a food processor, you don’t want to be guessing, you need the ability to set levels on inventory that triggers when reorders are needed. These can be based on what materials have been consumed and what are going bad.Food and Beverage Infographic

Sage X3 for F&B manufacturers has the ability to tell users that expiration dates are approaching so you can take appropriate action. Automated date tracking not only saves users the hassle of manual efforts, but also saves the company money through smarter inventory management and reduced waste.

This is the first blog of seven in the blog series 7 Steps to Transparency for Food and Beverage Manufacturers, does your company have the proper tools in place to meet new regulations? To learn more about all 7 steps download the infographic today.

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