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Do you have a Sage Customer Portal Login?

You should.  I have asked the question hundreds of times over the years and most of the time the answer is, "I don't know".   It is really easy to register.  The Sage website or the Sage Customer Portal is where to get new versions of your Sage software.

If you have been wondering why you have not received a new version in a long time, it is because Sage no longer automatically distributes them through the mail in a physical form but if you prefer a DVD, Sage will send you a copy for a fee upon request.

By signing up for a login, the primary contact will be sent future e-mail alerts from Sage regarding important information like when a new version is to be released,  what problems have been fixed in a product update and how long before your version isn't supported anymore and retired.  You can also search the knowledgebase for known issues and fixes.  There are user’s guides and links to training materials, and links to Community web sites where you can talk to other Sage users on any subject.

Go to the Sage Customer Portal Website at  https://customers.sagenorthamerica.com/ and Click on the Sign Up link as seen  below.

Sage Customer Portal Login

You need to know your Sage Account number in order to register for a logon to the Sage website.  Account numbers now start with a 400.  They were changed about a year ago.  If you are an RKL client and do not know your new account number you can call us at 717-735-9109 or call Sage at 877-223-4828 or your reseller of record to obtain this information.

Click on either 'I am an existing customer' or 'I am a new Sage customer'.     If existing, enter your Account Number and click Continue.

Sage Customer Portal Login


Fill out the following information and click Sign Up.

Sage Customer Portal Signup

You will be sent an e-mail immediately with a password.  You will need to sign in and change your password within the first 24 hours.

The first thing I suggest you do is find where the new product downloads are located.  Then find out what version you are on and when that version retires.

I use the sage website every day.  Here are other important things you can find on-line:

  • Hot installation tips and info - here is where they post the latest information on upgrading.
  • Knowledgebase - search for known answers to problems
  • Supported Compatibility Matrix
  • Supported Operating System Guide
  • Retirement dates for software and modules
  • Additional products that integrate with your product
  • Important tax and payroll information
  • Users Guides
  • Installation Guides
  • Your unlocking key information, modules that you own as well as number of users licensed.

For help with the Customer Portal email  customer.portal@sage.com or call 877-828-6372.

Christine Kuhn

Written by Christine Kuhn