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Sage Intacct and Workday Running Slow? Here's Our Tested Trick To Fixing It

Have you noticed a decline in the speed of your Sage Intacct General Ledger Actuals integration with Workday Adaptive Planning?

The Issue:

While some instances of Sage Intacct are naturally slower than others, there are various reasons behind this issue. Generally, the root cause can be attributed to the computation of data by various dimensions, which grows over time and results in a large number of records to retrieve. This number is often much greater than the number of records posted to the GL every month. For instance, imagine retrieving a cash balance by vendor over time or an accounts receivable balance by customer - both of which require the computation of multiple dimensions.

We've found a workaround for this problem by using Transactions as the data source which allows for a faster integration.

Our Solution

By converting the balance sheet accounts in Adaptive Planning to accept monthly changes instead of balances, and switching to GL Detail transactions as the data source, we were able to resolve the issue of slow integration speed. This is because all the required data is already stored in Sage Intacct and doesn't need to be computed. This solution has proven effective in almost all cases where GL Actuals integration is slow to compute and retrieve.

Benefits to switching the data source:

  • A significant boost in the speed of your GL Actuals integration with Workday.
  • You no longer have to load all the periods from the current period to the month(s) of the posting when there are postings made to prior periods. Simply load the affected month(s) as Workday will update the carryforward balance of balance sheet accounts, making the integration process faster and more efficient.
  • By combining the GL Actuals and GL Transactions data loaders into a single task and retrieving the data only once from Sage Intacct, you can significantly accelerate the integration process for both data loaders.

Facing Slow Integration?

If your Sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Planning GL integration is slowing you down, this workaround could be the answer to all your problems. Get in touch and we'll guide you through our step-by-step process to get you up and running.


Marc Hall

Written by Marc Hall

Marc Hall is the Manager of our Enterprise Performance Management Team based out of the SoCal area.