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Sage Intacct New AP Automation: Is it Right for You?

Sage Intacct's latest release, R1 2023, has introduced an exciting new add-on feature to Accounts Payable - AP automation. This innovative feature is designed to streamline data entry processes, making it easier and more efficient to manage your financial transactions. With AP automation, you can automatically create draft bills from emails or uploads, enjoy automatic detail population, and benefit from error detection.

While Sage Intacct's new AP automation feature offers many benefits, it may not be the perfect fit for every business. In some cases, third-party applications may be a better solution. That's why it's essential to read our AP automation comparison chart to determine which option is best for your specific needs.

AP automation chart-1

* Sage Digital Network – Digitized workflows, Global directory, API’s and AI/ML infrastructure, Shared ledger

* With RKL, a separate agreement must be signed.

With Sage Digital Network, you can enjoy the benefits of digitized workflows, a global directory, API's, and an AI/ML infrastructure, as well as a shared ledger. However, it's important to note that with RKL, a separate agreement must be signed. So, whether you choose Sage Intacct's new AP automation or a third-party option, there are plenty of options available to help streamline your accounts payable process and make your financial management more efficient than ever before.


David Cieslak

Written by David Cieslak

David Cieslak, CPA.CITP (aka “Inspector Gadget”) is the Chief Cloud Officer at RKL eSolutions, helping mid-sized businesses automate accounting & finance processes.