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10 Reasons Why Sage X3 is a Good Fit for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Sage X3 offers core functionality out of the box to help food and beverage manufacturers grow your business. Below are ten reasons why Sage X3 is a strong ERP solution for food and beverage manufacturers.

  1. Simple Access Across Your Entire Organization - allows for the management of multiple warehouses or companies within one single Sage X3 software occurrence, locally or internationally.
  2. Unlimited Units of Measure – Sage X3 can manage products, cases, pallets, whatever stocking unit is applicable to your business.
  3. Lot tracking with Recall Applications – Forward and backward traceability allow for tracking of ingredients from receiving through batch production, by lots and sub-lots. 

    Sage X3 Mandatory Lot Managed
  4.  Costing Capability – Multi-costing methods including: Average lot costing, Landed cost management for import tracking, and other costing methods that are commonly applied in food and beverage manufacturing.
  5. Shelf-life Management – Ensure quality across your supply chain and keep raw materials fresh by managing expiration date control including use-by date management within your Sage X3 business management solution.
  6. Production Planning – Scheduling constraints pop up with unforeseen materials shortage, use production planning to become better prepared for these events. KPIs, set up alerts for safety stock to notify you or material bottlenecks. Product Grouping in Production - group by like product during production to minimize change over between production runs, including setup and clean up.

    Sage X3 Process Flow

    Sage X3 v11 has a new production scheduler that provides advanced planning and scheduling capabilities in real-time and is natively designed for a multi-user environment, helping with lead-times, bottlenecks, and other production issues.  

    Sage X3 Scheduler
  7. Formula and Recipe Management - The formula connector automates the creation of items, formulas, costing, testing, and labeling, along with potency management.
  8. Business Intelligence and Dashboard Reporting – To assist with forecasting, financials, and operations use Sage’s built in Intelligence tool for reporting and business analytics and inventory dashboard. 

    Sage X3 Inventory Dashboard
  9. Quality Control - Sage X3 has change control management (CCM), product configuration and work order management built into the ERP solution. CCM provides greater control of Products, BOMs, Work Orders, Purchase Orders and Inventory. Read our blog Insights on Sage X3 Change Control Management to learn more about the typical CCM process.
  10.  Allergen Tracking - The product master field gives you the options to add constraints or controls to a product for allergen control. You can also dig into the manufacturing BOM or receipt for more detailed allergen roll up.

Sage X3 Update 11 Availability

 Sage X3 Version 11 is now available to customers in the cloud or on-premises. All features that were introduced in previous cloud-only releases (update 10.x) are now also available to customers on-premises with Sage X3 update 11.

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Danica Weappa

Written by Danica Weappa