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Viewing Sage 100 Customer Info in Outlook

In a release of Sage 100cloud 2018 earlier this year, Sage introduced Sage Contact - an Outlook add-in that allows you to view Sage 100 customer information in Office 365. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the app and integration.

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Using Office 365 with eBusiness Suite to Send Email Notifications

In order to use Office 365 with your Sage 500 ERP eBusiness Suite, you will need to make several configuration changes on Office365.com as well as on your eBusiness Suite host server.  The changes will be made on the server hosting the User .

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Sending Email via Office 365 in Sage 500 ERP

With more companies migrating their on-premises email systems to Office 365, many clients are interested in sending emails via Office 365 in their Sage 500. With Office 365, Microsoft made the process of relaying email much easier by giving .

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Simplify the installation of the Sage X3 Microsoft Office Add-In

Sage X3 Version 7 and forward includes an Add-In for integration with Microsoft Office. This Add-In allows a user to export data from the browser client of Sage X3 to Word or Excel. The Add-In requires the workstation to have Microsoft IE 10 or .

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