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Track Lots across Product Lifecycle

When it comes to food safety, transparency plays a part in every stage of the food production cycle. Lot tracking has a critical role to quickly and successfully track down a specific batch of products that were produced together.  In circumstances such as a recall; lot tracking is essential to trace a group of products to determine origin or which group of customers purchased the product so you can react quickly to any problems that may occur.


In addition to recalls, lot tracking is an important tool to identifying and validating improvements that need to be made in the production side of the business (watch lot control demo).  For example - once a seed is planted, a customer can track the effectiveness of the seed as it develops into the crop, be it tomato, lettuces, cucumber, or something else.  Being able to link both the crops that produce good crops and the seeds that underperform is extremely important to a grower.  Understanding the specific lot attributes gives the grower important insight into understanding the performance level of a crop and making the necessary adjustments to improve future seeds and the corresponding crop.  Additionally, having this information gives you the ability quickly identify other lots that have the same characteristics.

The Sage X3 screenshot below shows stock by lots which allows the user the ability to explore product history.

Lot Tracking Sage X3

Having the ability to store and then quickly identify lot attributes about a particular batch can be critical in ensuring that the end products are used correctly and are used prior to their expiry date.

Infographic - 7 steps to transparency for food and beverage manufacturers


This is the fourth blog of seven in the blog series 7 Steps to Transparency for Food and Beverage Manufacturers, does your company have the proper tools in place to meet new regulations? To learn more about all 7 steps download the infographic today.

Sage ERP software is used in the food and beverage manufacturing business to manage recipes, inventory, lot tracking, recalls, sales, and much more. If you would like to discuss your current situation contact RKL eSolutions at 717-735-9109 or sales@rklesolutions.com.

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