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Upgrade Sage 500 ERP Today

If you haven’t upgraded your Sage 500 ERP software lately, you could be missing out on new features, security packs, and usability enhancements. Worse yet, if you’ve been paying your annual Sage Business Care plan, you haven’t taken advantage of the biggest benefit of the plan – Software Updates!

Here are some reasons to consider and schedule your upgrade today:

  • Upgrades include Security Packs, Fixes, Usability Enhancements, Technology Updates and New Features!
  • Replace FRx. FRx has not been supported by Microsoft for several years now. Sage has two replacement options available. Read more.
  • If you’re on v7.4, Sage will discontinue phone and web-based support on 9/30/2015. This means you will no longer receive Year End Updates, Product Updates, and Hot Fixes from Sage on your installed version, too. Support for versions older than v7.4 has already been discontinued.
  • National industry studies confirm that customers on the most current software versions are happiest.
  • You’ve already paid for the upgrade release! Your annual M&S includes the annual software releases from Sage.  For a services estimate, call us for an assessment and Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Click links to learn more about the Sage 500 v2013 and v2014 release benefits.

Contact Us for more information about the software enhancement releases and to schedule an assessment with an RKL eSolutions Consultant.

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