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Upgrade your Sage X3 with Minimal Downtime

use XTech-Upgrade Tool to Minimize Downtime for Sage X3 upgrades

We know upgrades can be time consuming and burdensome. RKL eSolutions recently leveraged the XTech-Upgrade tool, by X-Techarts for Sage X3 with Park Seed. Park Seed had been on Sage X3 v6 since 2013. They were so behind on their upgrades that their database size had grown to 450 GB. With a traditional Sage X3 upgrade, it would have taken around 10 days for X3 to process all the updates.

The X-Techarts technology allows users to operate like normal in the current version of Sage X3 while the upgrade is running on the new V12 environment. The X-Techarts approach shifts the majority of the transformation to the first extraction. After that first extraction, only the records that have changed have to go through the upgrade process again. That means the go-live is only dealing with a week or a few weeks of data and the upgrade down-time is counted in HOURS instead of days.

The X-Tech-Upgrade methodology allows users to practice and fine tune the companies’ database before going live. Amy Powell, Chief Technology Officer at Park Seed said, “The XTech-Upgrade tool was the cornerstone of our successful upgrade from Sage X3 v6 to Sage X3 v12. I firmly believe that we would not have been able to complete this upgrade without it due to the size of our database. Additionally, being able to do many, many test ‘go-lives’ along the way was absolutely key to being able to work out go-live kinks that would have caused us serious problems.”

To learn more about Park Seeds upgrade and the advantages of upgrading your Sage X3 ERP with XTech-Upgrade read the blog Benefits of Upgrading Your ERP with XTech-Upgrades.


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