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Viewing Multiple Calendars in MS Office

Multiple Calendars

Tips & Tricks with MS Office (2013 & 2016)

(Note: this tip is for those of you who use multiple monitors)

When you have the need to look at your own calendar within the Outlook Mail folder, your Calendar and Appointments can be set to be viewed in the far right panel.

If you work in a collaborative team environment, you may need to know the availability of others in your team, or group, or other calendars that have been shared with you. Sure, you can look at emails you need to view and click over to your Calendar, check the other team and shared calendars and bounce back and forth, problem was you didn't know how or that you could do this. The good news is you can view multiple calendars at once in MS Office.

To open a separate calendar view

While in your Mail Folder, “right mouse” on the Calendar and you’ll see a pop-up that allows you to “Open in New Window”.

Seperate Calendar View

This will provide you with visibility of both your Mail Folder in one window and/or monitor and the ability to view both your own calendar, as well as any team and shared calendars in another window or monitor.

MS Office Calendar View

Now you can see multiple calendars at once while remaining in your MS Office mailbox. If you have any IT related questions, contact us!


Pat Anson

Written by Pat Anson