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Windows Server 2003 Support is Ending - Are You Prepared?

Windows Server 2003 Support Ending

Farewell Windows 2003 Server - Its Been a Good Run!

Microsoft has repeatedly communicated ending support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. What does this mean for your organization?

After July 14, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates, service patches, or support for Windows Server 2003. This also marks the end of Windows Server support in a 32-bit x86 system. Although, Windows Server 2003 is stable, there are security and performance risks if you choose to run your organization on unsupported software applications.

Read on to determine whether you're at risk and what to do about it.

Are You At Risk?

Maybe. Microsoft estimates that close to 7 million businesses do not have a migration plan yet.

If you’re running applications, like Sage ERP, that rely on Windows Server 2003, we recommend you ensure that your servers are running healthy immediately. A smart migration plan to Windows Server 2012 should be considered, too.

Keep in mind, migrating off of Windows Server 2003 may negatively affect your hardware if you’re running x86 architecture and/or 32-bit environments.

What To Do? 

Don’t panic. You still have time to assess your infrastructure and plan accordingly.

  1. Take Inventory – perform a system audit of your OS (operating system) and hardware.
  2. Document all the SQL Servers and Applications that rely on Windows Server 2003.
  3. Check <Compatibility Guides> of each of the software applications.
  4. Consider and budget for hardware upgrades and middleware, if an option.
  5. Execute a migration strategy to protect your infrastructure.

It’s hard to believe that Windows Server 2003 will be more than 12 years old at its retirement. The product has proven to be a solid and stable solution. However, as technology continues to evolve rapidly, the practicality of supporting older software applications is too costly for publishers and too risky for customers that rely on fast, secure platforms.

RKL eSolutions Can Help, Too

Our Sage ERP product experts and Customer Support staff can help confirm compatibility and plan for software upgrades. Our dedicated IT resources can assist you with an infrastructure audit to assess your risk and develop a strategy to migrate to Windows Server 2012 R2.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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