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10 Takeaways from Sage Transform 2021

What a great week it's been at Sage Transform! From the different sessions I attended, to reconnecting with our clients,  I had a wonderful time! Here is a list of my top 10 favorite things from Sage Transform!

  1. Re-connecting with clients - RKL truly has amazing clients!
  2. Hearing from the clients about all the ways that Sage Intacct is making their lives more efficient and more fun.
  3. Seeing the genuine friendships that exist between RKL employees and RKL clients.
  4. Getting an update from marketplace partners that extend Sage Intacct automation in really cool ways for our clients.
  5. Learning about new marketplace partner solutions I didn't know before that provide more opportunities to help RKL clients.
  6. Restocking my supply of colorful socks from said marketplace partners (my family is so proud!)
  7. Spending time with RKL colleagues - especially after the long layoff from COVID, it was great to be together. It's a privilege to work with really smart people, who love to collaborate to serve our amazing clients.
  8. Strategizing with RKL colleagues on how we can better serve our amazing clients. (Did I mention RKL has amazing clients?!)
  9. Having my mind blown by all of the innovation that Sage Intacct is planning for future releases!
  10. Being inspired to keep working hard so that more companies have the opportunity to benefits from Sage Intacct and RKL consulting services.
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Mark Severance

Written by Mark Severance

Mark is based in the Los Angeles area, working as the West Sales Director for Sage Intacct at RKL eSolutions.