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Almond Business Grows with Sage and Migrates to Sage X3

Stewart & Jasper Orchards (S&J) has been a family run business for over 60 years. S&J has expanded over the years to become a leader in hulling, shelling, processing, exporting and marketing almonds through both wholesale and retail channels.

As a process manufacturer using Sage X3, S&J utilizes recipes to manage ingredient usage and production costs.  Recipes are used to track the quantity requirements and costs of individual items, such as bulk almonds, flavorings, and sugar per batch and lot.  Sage X3 also gave S&J the ability to forecast ingredient requirements and production planning for each final product to meet its growing demand.

Stewart & Jasper needed a way to protect their brand by ensuring every customer enjoys the same quality from every purchase.  Using lot tracking functionality within Sage X3 (watch short YouTube demo video on lot tracking), S&J can now track the shelf life for each product and also be better prepared should there a product recall occur.

In addition to hauling, shelling and processing almonds, S&J produces gift baskets. Sage X3 helped integrate their retail operations; allowing their POS system to send data directly into the Sage ERP solution, helping to streamline business operations.

With Sage X3, S&J was able to improve inventory management, pricing, and quality control.  The benefits realized are increased: visibility of financial indicators, intelligent data analysis, and simple processes to accommodate rapid growth.


ERP Demo for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

See Sage business management solution in action during this demo for Sage ERP for Food and Beverage Manufacturers. In this webinar we will demonstrate:

  • Lot Tracking
  • Traceability
  • Recipe Management
  • Other Features you are interested in



Sofia Pascuzzo

Written by Sofia Pascuzzo

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