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Sage 500 eBusiness Suite Integration with other Sage Endorsed Solutions

In addition to eBusiness Suite being integrated with Sage 500 ERP via the Web Services for Sage 500 ERP, the module is integrated with several other Sage 500 ERP Endorsed Solutions. These additional integrated solutions include the following as of this writing.

· Knowledge Sync – This integration allows you to leverage to the Alert functionality already provided with Sage 500 ERP. We have provided several prebuilt Alerts with that you can leverage. You can also build additional Alerts.

· Avalara AvaTax – This integration allows you to enable sales tax functionality within the eBusiness Suite module. This integration leverages the AvaTax connected services.

· Paya (Sage Payment Services) – This integration provides you with the ability to enable credit card processing within the eBusiness Suite module. This integration leverages the Sage Exchange connected services.

While eBusiness Suite does not have direct integration with True Commerce EDI it does have a task to allow you to define an import file format and import sales orders into Sage 500 ERP. I would call this more of an extension than an integration.

We are currently working on integration with SmartLinc Intelligent Shipping Solutions. We are looking to have this integration completed by Sage Summit 2012.

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