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Expense Report Software: Do Expense Reports Your Way

Expenses Your Way

Make Time and Expense Reporting Easy

Time and expense reporting is viewed as a necessary evil. Nobody likes it—from employees who spend hours photocopying receipts to finance teams who suffer from a lack of visibility into expense spending. Even worse, manual processes are error-prone, which puts your company at risk for fraud and lost revenue. And as your organization grows, these inefficiencies are only magnified. In a recent webinar, the experts at Nexonia, shared how automating with expense report software makes the process faster and more accurate.

Automate Expense Reporting

Nexonia automates the entire expense reporting process—from creating expense reports to getting approvals to exporting data into your accounting system. This creates an operational hub for all expense activities, a single place from which finance and management can easily view expense spending. As an SaaS, cloud-based solution, Nexonia is accessible anywhere via the web or a dedicated mobile app. Employees or others can do their expenses and timesheets on their own time and in less time, increasing productivity.

Nexonia integrates with credit card feeds, so your corporate credit card program can feed transactions directly into the expense report software. As soon as the transaction posts the next business day, you can access it in Nexonia. Expense information can be pre-populated, and finance can easily view the status of credit card charges on demand. Nexonia automates other financial functions as well, including VAT calculations and currency conversions.

Nexonia also offers a time management system for easily and efficiently organizing and syncing employee hours and time off. Accessible via the web or mobile app, Nexonia’s timesheet capabilities leads users through the process of creating their time, and captures project and billable information. What’s more, Nexonia lets you track how employees spend their time to better understand their productivity.

Integration with Sage Intacct delivers greater visibility and efficiencies

With over 300 settings available, the Nexonia Expenses application offers the most complete integration between the Sage Intacct financial management solution and expense report software on the market. Sage Intacct dimensions such as customers, projects, vendors, and employees are integrated into Nexonia and can be used in coding expenses and defining the approval workflow. In addition, you can add a new customer or employee in Sage Intacct, a value that will be copied into Nexonia. In this way, Sage Intacct becomes the source of record for Nexonia.

Fully approved expense items and timesheets can be exported directly into Sage Intacct either automatically or on-demand. Reimbursable expenses can be sent as an expense report in Sage Intacct’s Time & Expense Management software or as a vendor bill in AP. Company-paid credit card charges will export into cash management, AP, or even into journal entries. Nexonia also supports single-entity, multi-entity, and multi-currency. Together, Sage Intacct and Nexonia create a sustainable, maintainable environment that’s easy to administrate and that grows as your organization does.

RKL eSolutions and Nexonia make time and expense reporting painless

Thanks to Nexonia expense report software, your employees can spend more time at their job and finance can have total visibility into expense spending. The experts at RKL eSolutions can help you design and implement a time and expense report solution that integrates with your financial management system, giving you maximum efficiency and a platform for growth.
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