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The Bottom Line on HRMS Technology

Companies today are tightening their belts, looking for ways to cut costs, and challenging their human resource (HR) departments to make more strategic contributions to the organization.

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What do I get with a Sage Business Care plan?

Ever wonder why ever year, you get a notice to renew your Sage Business Care plan as part of your Sage 100 software investment? Have you wondered what it includes exactly? In this article, we’ll answer those questions and more. What is “Business .

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Using Sage CRM with Your Phone System

Did you know that Sage CRM can work hand-in-hand with your phone system? It’s called Sage CRM CTI - short for Computer Telephony Integration - which extends core CRM functionality so that sales, customer service, and support reps are even more .

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Using the Built-in Help System Whether you’re a Sage 100 newbie or seasoned pro, everyone gets stumped and needs a little help. Of course, you can always contact us to request phone or email support. But a lot of customers don’t realize that they .

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