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How to Add a Single Report to a Sage X3 Module and Bookmark it as a Favorite Item

As a user in Sage X3, you may have to run specific reports as part of your daily routine. Setting up a report as a single item for a particular module can help improve work flow and minimize any confusion you may have on which report to run.

In the example below, I will be adding the Trial Balance Report as a menu item and later add it to my Financials sub-module.

Creating a New Menu Item

  1. Go to Administration > Authoring > Menu Items
  2. Click New Menu Item from the list on the right
  3. Enter a Code, Title, and Description
  4. Select Function (classic) for the Link Type
  5. In the 'Function' field, enter AIMP~<Report Code> (ex. AIMP~BALGRP)Create Menu Item
  6. Click Save
  7. Test the settings by clicking on the title of your report in the list on the rightTesting Report

Adding Your New Menu Item to the Desired Module

  1. Go to Administration > Authoring > Pages > Menu SubmodulesMenu Submodule
  2. Click the 'Pencil' to edit the module
  3. Click the 'Add Button' Add Button to the area you would like to display your report
  4. Select the Menu item created in the previous stepMenu Items
  5. Save when finished
  6. Log out of Sage X3 and log back in to see your changesBookmarked Report
  7. Click on the Star next to your report to bookmark the item and add it to your Favorites
  8. Click on the item to open your reportExample of Report
  9. You're all set! Your report is now added to your module and bookmarked as a favorite item!


Don't hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions you may have, it's what we're here for!

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LeeAnn Segan

Written by LeeAnn Segan

LeeAnn Segan is an ERP Support Specialist with RKL eSolutions LLP. She supports Sage 500 ERP and Sage X3. LeeAnn specializes in the financial and distribution modules. Her background includes managing distribution and warehousing for ecommerce based companies. When not working, LeeAnn enjoys working out, volunteering with groups that support special needs, and spending time at the beach with family and friends.