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How to Create and Print a Refund Check for a Customer in Sage X3

In today's digital world, most transactions are processed using credit cards and we've previously covered how to refund a credit card transaction in Sage X3. Often times for very large transactions the limit on a credit card is too low to cover the entire purchase so a customer may need to pay using a check. Checks are slightly more complicated since they're not 100% digital and a cached check can't typically be reversed. Instead you'll likely need to print a refund check to properly balance the transaction. So how do you refund a check?

Use the following steps to process a refund check using the AP Payment Entry transaction.

  1. Expand A/P-A/R Accounting, Payments, Payment Receipt Entry
  2. Select the payment entry transaction used for issuing checks (ex. PAYAT)
  3. Create a new Payment
  4. Enter the BP (Customer)
  5. Confirm the ‘Control’ field is set to the Account Receivable collective account. (The default may be Accounts Payable)


  1.  Enter the Bank and BP amount.
    •  If the grid is left blank the refund can be applied to another open document later using manual matching.
  2.  Click Create.
  3.  Print the Refund check.
  4. Post the Payment and review the ‘Accounting Document’.
    • Notice that the GL Journal posting affects the AR account instead of AP.


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LeeAnn Segan

Written by LeeAnn Segan

LeeAnn Segan is an ERP Support Specialist with RKL eSolutions LLP. She supports Sage 500 ERP and Sage X3. LeeAnn specializes in the financial and distribution modules. Her background includes managing distribution and warehousing for ecommerce based companies. When not working, LeeAnn enjoys working out, volunteering with groups that support special needs, and spending time at the beach with family and friends.

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