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How to use Sage Smart Rules in Sage Intacct

"Why do you keep posting data to the WRONG place?"

Have you ever had to say this to someone? With Sage Smart Rules, you can create custom rules to smack the fingers of that person posting data to the wrong... you fill in the blank. Sage Smart Rules allow the non-IT person to easily (with some practice) write error messages or warning that will appear when a condition is triggered. This helps to secure your investment in Sage Intacct by ensuring data integrity with just 3 steps:

  1. Select the Object - Smart Rules can be written for any object that appears on this list
  2. Select the Rule Properties
    1. Do you want to create an error or a warning?
    2. Do you want it to appear on data add, set, delete, or any combination of?
    3. What is the condition?
      1. When True, the record is recorded.
      2. When False, the message is triggered.
    4. What do you want the message to be if the condition is false?
  3. Save the Rule
Todd Parsons

Written by Todd Parsons

Todd is based in Lancaster, PA working as a Solution Architect on the Sage Intacct team.