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Choosing Software That Meets Your Current and Future NeedsChoosing Software

A new software implementation can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars; an expense that most businesses don’t want to have on a recurring basis.  When looking at new software options for your business, there is the temptation to spend as little as possible to just meet your current needs.  This is a good strategy if your business will be exactly the same for the foreseeable future.  But if your company is planning on growth, if your business faces constantly changing regulations, if change is expected, then it’s important to evaluate your options for your future, as well as your current needs.

There are many software solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes.  Sometimes the features available in a more expensive system will not be useful to your company now, but may be essential in the future.  Some systems offer modules that can be activated as you grow, allowing increased functionality in the system that your employees are already familiar with.  Other systems may be sufficient now, but their limitations will necessitate another expensive data migration and costly staff training in the future.  How do you choose the right software for your business?

Consider the following to help you define the critical requirements and measure a successful project

  • Are there functional gaps in your current solution that are stifling growth in the organization?
  • Do you have sufficient IT staff and investment to support an on-premise solution? Or, is a Cloud-based offering more palatable?
  • Does your supply chain process require an industry-specific solution?
  • Does your workforce desire mobile applications for simple data entry tasks and business intelligence analytics?
  • Will a new product grow with you? Can it transactional growth beyond a single company, single site and internationally?

To make the right decision, it is important to consult with experts who know your business and the software solutions available to you.  We offer you our decades of experience and expert knowledge of ERP systems.  With the proper planning and a clear understanding of your needs, we can help you implement an affordable solution that will meet your business needs now and grow with you in the future.

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