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How to Merge Business Partners in Sage X3

Merging Business Partners in X3 (Customer, Suppliers, Sales Reps)

There may be occasions where two similar Business Partner accounts are created when only one may have been required. This results in two separate entities on the aging reports. As a result the user may request to merge the accounts together.

The BP Merge function can be used to transfer postings related to a Business Partner (Source) to another Business Partner (Destination).

This blog will provide you with the steps required to merge two accounts into one.

Here is an example of two customer accounts that were created when only one should have been created. They both have balances on their account.

Customer #1 BP Situation:

X3 Customer BP

Customer #2 BP Situation

X3 Customer BP Situation

Proceed with merging the balances of both customers to a single account:

  1. Go to Financials > Utilities > Miscellaneous, BP Merge.
  2. Select all companies or a specific company.
  3. Select all sites or a specific site.
  4. Enter the BP (Customer) that will be moved in the ‘Source BP’ field.
  5. Enter the BP (Customer) for whom the data is intended for in the ‘Target BP’ field.
  6. Click ‘OK’.

X3 BP Merge

Review the Log:

X3 BP Log

Review the BP Situation for the Destination Business Partner:

X3 Destination BP

Now you know how to merge two BP accounts into one in Sage X3.

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