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Troubleshooting a Missing Context Menu Choice in Sage 500 ERP

Recently one of our clients could not see a specific Business Insights Explorer choice in their drill-down context menu in Sage 500 ERP (formerly MAS500). For example, they would open Vendor Maintenance, pull up a vendor, and right-click the vendor ID to get the context menu to display.

They wanted to drill into Vouchers, but Vouchers was not a valid choice on their context menu. Every other user was able to see the drill into Vouchers except this specific user. The user had permission to open Explore Vouchers, and could do so from the Business Insights module menu, but did not have the option to drill into it. We discovered the user did not have the Display on Explorer Bar option checked within Business Insights Explorer. Once this option was saved, the context menu for drill into Vouchers appeared.

Sage 500 ERP Explore Vouchers Screenshot

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