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New in Sage Intacct: Budgeting and Planning

When a business is new or just getting started, spreadsheets are often the “go-to tool” for budgeting and forecasting.  But as a company grows, requirements change and additional team members need to participate in the process, spreadsheets can quickly become unmanageable.  Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning (SIBP) helps companies ditch the spreadsheet!  SIBP is an agile cloud-based solution that links the budgeting and planning process directly to the underlying Sage Intacct financial data, allowing users across an organization to contribute and collaborate in an efficient and timely manner.  Sage Intacct’s new budgeting and planning tool is user-friendly and easy to maintain, and can be deployed in a matter of days.  Stop the spreadsheet madness with Sage Intacct Budget and Planning.

Highlighted Features:

Collaboration – With a centralized platform, the whole team can access the same up-to-date data avoiding messy versioning and missed communications

Forecasting – With its deep integration into your financials, Intacct allows users to use current and accurate data to forecast revenue and plan budgets accordingly

Multiple Scenarios –Create multiple what-if scenarios by changing drivers and assessing the potential impact on your business

Security – Sending spreadsheets over email leaves your sensitive financial data vulnerable. Intacct allows you to keep budgets locked to specific user-levels, so you can choose who accesses your data

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David Cieslak

Written by David Cieslak

David Cieslak, CPA.CITP (aka “Inspector Gadget”) is the Chief Cloud Officer at RKL eSolutions, helping mid-sized businesses automate accounting & finance processes.