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Overview of Sage X3 Product Update 11

14 Days of Learning Sage X3

This is the third lesson in the series Learning Sage X3. In Lesson 1 we reviewed the Important Acronyms and Definitions of Sage X3 and Lesson 2 covered General Navigation and the User Interface in Sage X3. This lesson will be an overview of  Sage X3’s product update 11 (pu11).

Review of the best new features in Sage X3 update 11

Sage X3 is now even more responsive, flexible, and simpler than ever with the new product update 11.

The update brings vast improvements in Sage X3 including: new project management module, manufacturing production scheduler, financial management improvements, and more. Let’s dive into some of the best new features Sage X3 version 11 has to offer.

Project Management

New project management module released with Sage X3 Version 11. Provides planning and tracking tools to meet the needs of project-based organizations in Manufacturing and Service industries. Supports all project stages from initiation to project completion.

Work and budget breakdown structure controls costs, delays, and resources. Integrated into ERP processes with links to quotes, sales, purchasing, work orders, and MRP.

 Production Scheduler – Manufacturing

New integrated planning and scheduling module replacing the former option called Manufacturing Scheduler or Gantt module.

Available for On-Premise installations only. Provides real-time advanced planning and scheduling capabilities.

Financial Management Improvements

  • Improved currency conversion variance process
  • Real-time financial pre-consolidation
  • Advanced bank statement management with automated transaction matching
  • Improved credit control with customer blocking / unblocking
  • Speed and performance improvements

More Information

For more information regarding the product update, video tutorials, and sage videos on the new Sage X3 Version 11, please visit Sage X3 Version 11 Video Tutorials

Stay Tuned for Lesson 4

This is the third post in Learning Sage X3. The next post (Lesson 4) will review your Chart of Accounts within Sage X3, the next blog in this series will post on October 10th, 2017. Other lessons in this series can be viewed at:

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