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How to Resolve Slow Performing Work Order Reports in Sage 100 ERP

Clients using the Sage 100 ERP Work Order often find that standard Work Order printed documents, such as the WO Traveler, require progressively longer periods of time to process and print.  This is the result of localized data caching in the Sage work order Crystal “work” tables (used only at report printing run-time).

Read on to learn how to speed things up.

Do NOT Reinitialize Sort Tables!

We found a related Sage knowledgebase article which instructs Sage 100 users to reinitializing a series of tables, including three “sort” tables which actually should not be reinitialized. That’s because this process purges work order data that you’ll later have to re-enter - and does not actually help the printing issue.

How to Resolve Slow Performance

RKL eSolutions recently documented a solution for slow-performing Work Order module reports in Sage 100 ERP (such as travelers, etc.).

To reset work order document printing:

  1. Reinitialize WO_21, WO_22, WO_24, WO_25, WO_28, WO_29, WO_30 (work tables)
  2. Rebuild work order sorts

If there are still issues and you are prepared to re-enter all work orders that were in work order entry:

  1. Reinitialize WOV, WOX, WOY (sort tables)
  2. Rebuild work order sorts

This is a very technical issue requiring an understanding of the tools and architecture. We recommend that you contact RKL eSolutions Support for assistance, if you have any questions. 

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Sharon Burgos

Written by Sharon Burgos