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What's New in Sage 100 Version 2020

Sage 100 v2020 launched in March.  There are exciting changes that have been included in this new release.

Expanded Name and Address Information Fields

If you have ever been faced with the challenge of abbreviating information you will be excited to know that the name fields have been expanded from 30 to 50 characters for customer name, vendor name and customer and vendor contact name.  Taking the guess work out of the abbreviations that may have been used in earlier versions due to the character limitation.

Customer, vendor and employee address lines have been expanded from 30 to 40 characters and the city field has been expanded to 30 characters.  In addition to the address changes; the telephone and fax number fields have not only been expanded but now include a type field with the option to select Work, Cell, Home or Other.

Also, version 2020 now supports the entry of an international address for customers, vendors and contacts.

Important:  If you're using Sage 100 Payroll, you must upgrade to version 2.20.1. Earlier versions have not been updated to support international addresses, and you will encounter errors.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

To comply with consumer privacy laws that require you to either delete or de-identify personally identifiable information (PII) so that it can’t be used to identify an individual, two methods have been added to encrypt an inactive vendor’s and inactive customer’s PII.  After PII is encrypted, it no longer appears in task windows or reports.

Sage 100 AP-AR

Experienced a check run disaster?  You can now use the new Reverse Check Run utility to reverse an entire check run.

Sage 100 Reverse Check Run

Here is a favorite of mine.  Have you ever wished that you could retain more than 999 days of paid invoices?  Now you can.  Two new fields have been added to both AP and AR allowing you to set the number of months (no longer days) that you wish to retain paid invoices and whether paid invoices are purged during period-end or year-end processing.  You can enter a value of up to 9,999 months!   That equates to 833.25 years!

Inventory Management

Includes changes to expiration dates for lot and serial items.  Expiration dates can be added when items are received into inventory or produced through Bill of Materials.  Sell-by, use-by and return dates can be calculated to determine how many days before or after and item’s expiration date it can be distributed.Sage 100 v2020 Inventory

Purchase Order

Sage 100 v2020 allows for multiple PO’s to be applied to an invoice or receipt of goods.

Sage 100 v2020 PO

Many of these enhancements have evolved from the suggestions that have been made on the Sage 100 ideas site.

We strongly encourage everyone to submit feedback to Sage for future product enhancements >> https://www5.v1ideas.com/TheSageGroupplc/Sage100ERP

Tina Trimble

Written by Tina Trimble