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PO Clearing - New Feature in Sage 100 v2021.0

Just Released Sage 100 v2021.0!

Just this month, Sage Software released the 2021 edition of Sage 100. Included are a number of long-awaited requests. Many of these were listed on the Sage 100 Idea Site, where you get to request new features in Sage 100. You can reach the Idea Page from the Sage 100 Information Page, under Web Content. The link to the idea page is here, just set up your email and Password to vote on existing requests, or to add your own requests. https://www5.v1ideas.com/TheSageGroupplc/Sage100ERP/

Purchase order related features

Two new features in v 2021.0 are related to Purchase Orders, and include the software now maintaining the line item detail for PO Receipt of Invoice transactions, and the ability to print a Purchases Clearing Report, for a history date.

S100 PO details

line item details for your PO Receipt of Invoice Transactions

In older versions of Sage 100, when you looked at the Purchase Order Receipt History Inquiry, line item detail information was only available for Receipt of Goods and Return of Goods. The line item details were not available for your PO Receipt of Invoice Transactions, and now they are! This new functionality will make it very easy to troubleshoot problems and issues with receiving the invoice against a wrong line item on a purchase order or to easily confirm what was received without needing to pull the paperless office registers and journals for that transaction.

ability to print a Purchases Clearing Report for a date in history

Another new feature in Sage 100 v2021.0, is the ability to print a Purchases Clearing Report for a date in history. Prior to this new release, the PO Clearing Report, used to balance your Balance Sheet account that represents your “future Accounts Payable Liability”; and could only be run as of “today, and right now”. There was no way on the 1st or 2nd of the month, to run it for the last day of the prior period. This brand new report allows you to reconcile your balance sheet account when you reconcile other financial accounts and supports printing for prior periods; as needed.

This new v2021.0 feature is available to those on either the Perpetual License or the Sage 100 Subscription plan. If you want this feature you need to upgrade to v2021.0; give us a call. We can help! Contact Us for personalized support on any of the new functionality in Sage 100v2021.0.

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