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What is Sage 100c Manufacturing?

After reviewing their product offerings Sage noticed there were some gaps that needed to be filled in the Manufacturing area.  Primarily they did not have a solution for customers who are Make to Order (MTO) and/or Engineer to Order (ETO).  Sage searched the marketplace and selected JobOps by Synergistic Software Solutions to fill this gap.

JobOps has been a manufacturing solution for over 20 years and is fully integrated into Sage 100.  In addition to filling the MTO/ETO gap, JobOps supports Make to Stock, Complex Configurations, has its own MRP engine and has a SQL version available.

Sage 100c Manufacturing Table 1: Based on PowerPoint Presentation at Sage Summit presented by Mike Ritchie & Ryan Rick.

What are the benefits of Sage 100c Manufacturing?

During the Sage Summit presentation, Ryan Rick, General Manager, JobOps  and Mike Ritchie, VP Product Management, Sage reviewed some of the difference between Sage 100c Manufacturing and the current Work Order module.  Benefits outlined include:

  • Create work ticket from the Sales Order
  • Automated PO creation
  • View & track job profitability
  • Status Tracking by job segment
  • Document attachment
  • Real time labor posting
  • Custom product configuration
  • Supports date-based scheduling & “what if” scenarios
  • Forward and reserve scheduling
  • Labor capacity alerts, with ability to correct over-capacity issues
  • Material capacity planning & adjustments.

Sage did indicate they plan to rewrite the Work Order module into the current infrastructure, so this is not meant to replace Work Order, but rather to supplement it and offer customers additional choices.

What is included and what is the price?

Sage 100c is the Subscription version of Sage 100.  Sage 100c Manufacturing is only being offered to customers who are on version Sage 100c 2016.  The manufacturing module is an additional cost.  For those customers already using JobOps, you will be supported on your current version and do not need to change to the Subscription version at this time.

For customers on Sage 100c wanting to purchase the Manufacturing module, the Core Product will include what was formally called "JobOps Base Module" and the "Time Tracker Module".  An additional purchase is required for Scheduling, Configurator and Field Service.

  • Enhanced Scheduling Module - used to schedule Work tickets based on Capacity and Material requirements.
  • Product Configurator - Think Bill of material Options on steroids.
  • Field Service - Track Service tickets and Technicians out in the field.
Sage 100c Price Figure 2: Photo of PowerPoint Presentation at Sage Summit presented by Mike Ritchie & Ryan Rick.


Who will install and support Sage 100c Manufacturing?

Synergistic Software Solutions, the developer of JobOps, has been working closely with Sage 100 partners to make sure they are certified and knowledgeable before they implement JobOps.

Sage will continue this same strategy using certified partners to install the Sage 100c Manufacturing modules.  RKL eSolutions has already begun creating partnerships with other resellers to work together and provide Sage customers with the support and expertise needed to implement Sage 100c Manufacturing.

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If you would like more information on Sage 100c Manufacturing, please contact your Sage reseller.  If your reseller is not certified for the manufacturing modules, have your reseller contact RKL eSolutions regarding a partnership.


Karen Hanley

Written by Karen Hanley

Karen Hanley is a Sage Intacct Senior Solution Architect with RKL eSolutions, LLC. Karen is an accomplished professional services consultant with over 25 years’ experience managing the implementations of accounting/ERP software through all phases of the project life cycle. Her areas of expertise are in software configuration, project management, data conversion, documentation, process improvements, reporting, and training. When not working, Karen enjoys traveling, sailing, golfing, and spending time with family and friends.