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Sage 300 Upgrade Requirements and FAQ's

Why is this happening?

Legacy, on-premises software requires all sorts of IT infrastructure and communications compliance. Amid growing cybersecurity threats, these required upgrades are part of the effort to keep your software and data secure.

Q. Why should I care about Basic and Modern Authentication?

On October 1, 2022, any customer using Basic Authentication with Microsoft email services will experience interruptions with your Sage 300 in-product email services and will be unable to perform certain functions such as sending an invoice, quote, or statement to a client. Microsoft will require the use of Modern Authentication for Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365, and this is only compatible with newer versions of Sage 300. (Modern Authentication combines login authentication and authorization to make it much harder to gain access to your information.)


Q. Why should I care about Transport Layer Security (TLS)?

Effective September 2023, Sage servers will stop accepting communication from Sage 300 product versions using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1. (TLS is a security protocol that creates encryption paths over computer networks to help ensure that online communications and information cannot be intercepted.)

Sage 300 subscription customers will be required to upgrade to a supported version that utilizes TLS 1.2. If not addressed by September 2023, the software will revert to read-only mode and restrict access after a grace period of approximately 45 days.


Q. What version of Sage 300 are compatible with TLS 1.2?

Sage 300 customers must be on supported version that utilizes TSL 1.2, which includes version 2021 and newer.


Q. What options do I have to avoid an upgrade and move to a more secure, modern solution?

Sage Intacct is RKL’s recommendation. We’ve seen how the benefits of cloud accounting can transform our clients businesses. Sage Intacct offers a quick return on investment, and, in many cases, a lower total cost of ownership than Sage 300. Sage Intacct delivers world-class security backups, and disaster recovery, protecting your financial data at a much higher level and at a lower cost than if you did it yourself.

Sage Intacct also delivers automatic quarterly upgrades—no business disruption, no costly hardware upgrades and no additional service costs for your organization. You’ll always be on the latest release of the software.


Q. What are some of the additional benefits of migrating to Sage Intacct?

Our clients have consistently seen significant benefits in several areas:

  • Improved reporting and visibility – real-time reporting and dashboards
  • Automated business processes – quote-to-cash, purchase to payment, consolidations, etc.
  • Streamlined integration – with other best-in-class applications (CRM, AP automation, expense management, budgeting / forecasting, and more)

Switching solutions seems like a lot of work; will it be worth it?

Yes, switching solutions takes work, but it’s worth it! As the largest consulting organization dedicated to Sage ERP solutions, RKL is uniquely positioned to provide a smooth migration from Sage 300 to Sage Intacct.

RKL has converted many Sage 300 clients to Sage Intacct and offers a fixed-fee, satisfaction guaranteed implementation. Many of our Sage Intacct consultants have dual expertise in Sage 300 and can expertly assist with data migration, training, and leading a successful project.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to a former Sage 300 client who successfully migrated to Sage Intacct. When asked what she would say to a friend or colleague considering the move to Sage Intacct, she responded, “Do it! You won’t be sorry – we absolutely love the software!”

Mark Severance

Written by Mark Severance

Mark is based in the Los Angeles area, working as the Sales Director for Sage CRE at RKL eSolutions. Mark leads RKL eSolutions customers through the buying process, helping them decide on the best Sage CRE solutions and configuration to suit their business needs.